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LEADING OPTOMETRISTS IN Provo: New Sight Vision Therapy Clinic

Our mission at New Sight Vision Therapy Clinic is to change lives through vision. True comprehensive eye care goes beyond a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. At New Sight Vision Therapy Clinic, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Our team of vision experts comes highly recommended by other professionals. This is in part because we listen and communicate in a way that helps the patient and their provider be on the same page and because we help patients find success with their vision struggles. Our goal is to help our patients become a part of the family environment that we share with each other as we balance taking time with each patient with short wait times. Give us a call to see how our team can help you or your family member!



New Sight Vision
Therapy Clinic

320 W River Park Drive, Ste 245
Provo, UT 84604
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In our friendly clinic, we become familiar with each individual patient in order to customize eye exams and treatment options. Our family eye care services include eye exams for kids and adults, vision therapy, vision correction and management of age-related eye disease. Located conveniently to serve Utah Valley residents, we offer hours to suit every family’s schedule.

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Dr. Duval’s Podcast:
How Vision Therapy Can Help With Concussions

Listen or watch the entire Podcast on YouTube Here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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Vision therapy teaches the eyes and the brain to work together, like physical therapy but for your eyes.

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We specialize in evaluating and treating the visual system of patients that have experienced brain injuries.

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Exceeded expectations!

I went in for an eye exam and it so exceeded my expectations! Dr. Smith was amazing and friendly. The practice all together is something truly amazing. From the optical part to the vision therapy side of the clinic. I truly believe his practice is making a significant difference to anyone who walks in their door. I highly recommend this clinic for any of your eye needs!

Dine T. Google Review

- Dine T. - Google Review 
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Q: How do I know Vision Therapy is right for my child?
A: If your child displays symptoms of strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (“lazy eye”), skipping words or lines while reading, using a finger while reading, blurry near vision, double vision, eyestrain and/or eye fatigue, it is suggested your child has a complete eye exam from a Doctor of Optometry. If symptoms persist or the Doctor of Optometry recommends Vision Therapy, then a Vision Therapy assessment is the next step. The doctor will perform a thorough one-on-one assessment and will determine which conditions are present, whether Vision Therapy is suitable, the type of eye exercises required and the number of sessions needed.

Q: What causes myopia?
A: Myopia is caused by a combination of environmental factors and heredity. Studies show that if we can move the focal point in front of the mid peripheral retina we can slow the progression of myopia. The increased use of cell phones and computers, as well as less time outdoors is probably a contributing factor.


We are pleased to offer 3 different programs of myopia management. Our team is trained and certified to help you and your child manage their nearsightedness.


Our doctors are specially trained to work with children 6 months and older but we love to see the whole family. We also specialize in seeing patients with developmental delays and other disabilities.


A thorough ocular health examination will be done using the latest instruments to evaluate all aspects of vision health.



Dr. Duval’s Podcast: How Vision Therapy Can Help With Concussions

Listen or watch the entire Podcast on YouTube Here, or wherever you listen to podcasts....
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