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Very kind and connects well with kids


They are great with kids. I have taken my oldest child to different places. And they were not able to complete an eye exam with him. Our first time coming here, glasses were not pushed on us. And they noticed some things that they wanted to keep am eye on and see if it would improve as he got older. Our next eye exam things had not improved, so my son started their eye therapy. I have noticed such an improvement in his reading since doing the therapy. He has loved coming and working with them. And I have been very impressed with how kind they are, and how well they connect with the kids. I will continue taking my kids here for all their eye care, they are great!

- Cathy w. - Google Review

Great experience with vision therapy


As an adult who has struggled with strabismus since childhood, I felt like my condition would be my life-long insecurity. When my daughter was born with the same condition, I quickly needed to figure out how I could help her avoid the emotional challenges that I have experienced. When I learned that adults could also benefit from vision therapy, I swallowed my pride and decided to "tag-Team" with my daughter and try an entirely new approach! It has been an incredible journey!! My experience with vision therapy has not only improved my alignment and ability to start to see some depth. For the first time ever! It has allowed me to heal through and with my daughter. I only wish I would have known about it sooner! ALL of our thanks to Dr. Duvall and his INCREDIBLE staff!

- Andrea H. - Google Review

Exceeded expectations!


I went in for an eye exam and it so exceeded my expectations! Dr. Smith was amazing and friendly. The practice all together is something truly amazing. From the optical part to the vision therapy side of the clinic. I truly believe his practice is making a significant difference to anyone who walks in their door. I highly recommend this clinic for any of your eye needs!

Dine T. Google Review

- Dine T. - Google Review 

Highly Recommend


Awesome. Dr. Duval is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. After a car accident/brain injury, I could no longer read, chop vegetables, or drive (or work). Dr. D got me back to work after only a month and a half of therapy. I can't recommend them highly enough!

- Laura W. - Google