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Double Vision Success Stories

“I was shocked after being diagnosed with a concussion that my vision would not only be affected but would have the longest-lasting effects from the concussion. I was referred to [New Sight Vision Therapy Clinic] and Dr. Devin Duval. I was impressed from the first day with Dr. Duval’s knowledge on every aspect of his practice. When I was first told I needed care for my eyes after the concussion, I told the doctors at the concussion clinic I would see my ophthalmologist. My ophthalmologist however, had no idea what type of care I needed or what I was talking about as to the concussion visual protocol.

I approached the treatment suspiciously, wondering how this could help, but slowly I saw the changes being made. I have been so impressed with the respect and care from Dr. Duval and his entire staff. They have all continually followed up with my care and have checked in with me during the week to make sure things were going as planned. They have all been personally involved in my care and healing.

I am amazed that Dr. Duval not only wanted to improve my vision, but also the quality of my life. The exercises I was given also addressed this. I strongly recommend Dr. Duval and his staff and hope you will become a part of their family too!”

– Vickie

“I was seeing double, which made driving very difficult and dangerous. At work, reading a monitor was difficult, and very blurry.

The activities I have learned have been helpful at helping my eyes to focus and my brain and eyes working together. Now when I see 2 objects, I focus on making the object come together and I can make it just one object instead.

I still have vision problems, but it has improved enough I feel comfortable driving and with effort can see things more clearly.”

– Margie


“Vision therapy has helped me so much and has benefited me in so many different ways. When I first came here I thought I didn’t have any problems with my eyes. Little did I know I was seeing double and had all sorts of stuff that I needed to work on. Coming here has flipped my life around. School is so much easier and my everyday life. I don’t avoid reading and feel like my comprehension is back to where it used to be. My headaches have gone down dramatically as my eyes started to function like normal. Thank you guys so much!



“Before I started vision therapy I had double vision and tracking issues. And I would reverse letters. Now it’s gotten better and because of therapy I have gotten even better at reading and writing.”

– Norah


“I wasn’t able to look up but now I can look up three times as high.”

– Abraham

“My son had an injury that made it so he could only look up 12 degrees. He did exercises from his surgeon for one year with no improvement. Then after working with Dr. Duval methods, my son can now look up 36 degrees, which is in normal ranges. Even our surgeon was impressed with his results! We consider it a huge blessing that we discovered Dr. Duval!”

– Abraham’s mom, Cristie