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Headaches Success Stories


“Before Vision therapy here my eyes were strained and bloodshot by the end of every day. I would get daily migraines as well. I love reading but struggled because my eyes weren’t feeling up to it. Now after, I still have migraines, but I have noticed a big difference. My eyes don’t feel strained anymore, I can read faster, and my eyes have endurance. I love the staff here, they are kind and care about me and my health.”

– Jazmin


“Before therapy I didn’t realize how much my eyes were impacting my headaches, reading comprehension, clumsiness and drowsiness. I now have depth perception and find myself enjoying reading again! Driving has also become so much easier without eye strain! I am so grateful to Dr. Duval and my therapists!”

– Joylyn


“I came in fatigued, with constant headaches, and frustrated from struggles at work as I was unable to understand blueprints and 3D designs. After vision therapy my headaches are gone and my work endurance has increased. I also gained the confidence to pursue fun mechanical projects after work due to my increased energy! Thank you!”

– Brandon


“After my concussion I was devastated! I was unable to run my first college track season. On top of that, I had constant headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Not only did they help me physically, but they also helped me mentally! I feel like myself again, I have noticed improvements in school, track, and mood! Thank you!”

– Georgi

“Vision therapy has helped my eye movement when it comes to reading and driving. My pain is less, and I am now more capable of my daily tasks. I am grateful I was referred for treatment here!”

– Darbie

“Vision Therapy has been so great. I was having a hard time focusing and getting headaches. I’ve really enjoyed this program. I was able to do this with my son and we both saw so much improvement. We helped each other stay on top of homework. One time I was having a hard time with one of my activities and he was able to explain it to me. I no longer get headaches and I can stay focused. I am so happy I found Vision Therapy to help us!”

– Cheyenne


“My car accident kept me inside for about a month due to light sensitivity and terrible migraines. Thanks to Vision therapy I am back working for the first time since my car accident. My headaches have improved as well as my concentration. Fatigue and the ability to focus from working on computers has also greatly improved.”

– Byron


“When I started therapy, I was getting headaches almost every day. But after doing 12 weeks of this program my headaches have reduced!”

(Our very own receptionist graduated from Vision Therapy and we are so proud of her!)


“I first came in for a routine eye exam. I had been experiencing constant headaches and bad light sensitivity for a few months, but I didn’t think much of it. At my vison I was told I had convergence excess and accommodative insufficiency. Dr Duval and Carter helped me to realize this was due to hitting my head on cement and likely got a concussion. I started Vision Therapy and my therapist Carter was amazing and took time to truly hear how I was doing. Now my light sensitivity has decreased significantly, and I rarely get bad headaches/migraines. I absolutely recommend everyone get tested to see if VT can help you!”



“Eye therapy helps me to not have as many headaches. It also helps me to focus more. It also helps so that I do not skip words.”



“In August 2018 I got a concussion during drill team practice. I did countless other therapies but I was still left with strained eyes and a headache everyday. I would nap for hours everyday and could hardly get any homework done. I couldn’t hold a job and my behavior had slid downhill. I wasn’t myself at all.

I started eye therapy two years after my accident. Honestly, I didn’t think it would work. The methods were weird but I decided to stick it out. I felt so welcomed by Dr. Duval, Bailey, Kat, Naomi, and of course, Carter. He made coming to my appointments exciting and I always left with a smile on my face. The homework was awful and having the motivation to do it… I never actually had the motivation to do it! But I did it anyway!

Before I knew it, my eyes had improved! All that hard work was SO worth it! I never have headaches anymore and I’m back to being my happy self! Thank you Carter for pushing and coaching me through it! Thank you Dr. Duval! I am forever grateful!”

– Eden


“I first came to vision therapy because I got a pretty bas concussion from cheer. I had constant headaches that were painful and I could barely focus on anything I did. At first vision therapy seemed to worsen all my symptoms, but I gave it time and I’m happy I did.

Slowly my headaches started to go away and from then on we could tackle other problems like focusing and tracking. Another thing that helped me was I slowed down on my schoolwork and focused on my recovery because my concussion was so bad. Eye therapy was enough to keep me busy and pushed me in the right direction to recover.”

– Hannah


“I came to the eye doctor because I thought I needed glasses. Turns out, I have 20/20 vision! My eyes just couldn’t focus together. Reading was a chore that gave me headaches and made me stressed. I couldn’t remember anything I read.

After doing vision therapy and working very hard, my reading speed and comprehension has greatly improved. I improved 11 levels in my reading! It takes dedication, but it’s totally worth it! Dr. Duval and his therapist helped me so much and always had the best attitudes.”

– Kaila

I got into a car accident that gave me a concussion. I feel that with breaks, my eyes are back to normal throughout the day. I am still recovering from daily headaches, but I think those will go away with time. I have gone back to work, school, and am back to being active again. My eyes are not getting in the way as much anymore.



“Vision therapy was long, hard, and tedious, but it was 100% worth it! Before vision therapy, I thought I was going crazy as I would complain about my eyes each day. Working on a computer for just a few minutes made my eyes work out and I would have to sleep for the rest of the day to get them back.

I had to pull out of college due to my brain injury and my vision troubles, now I feel like I could actually succeed again! And not only do I have the option to go back to school, my eyes are now ready to get back to mountain bike racing on the World Cup Circuit! Thank you all so much for getting my eyes back!”

– Maddie

“When I started eye therapy, I could not drive to work without getting dizzy and having headaches. Last week I just drove to Lake Powell. It felt amazing. I have noticed a big difference in my reading. I can better read to my children at night before bed. I can work a lot more on the computer at work. I was able to run 11 miles. Before therapy I could not run more than a half mile without symptoms getting overwhelming. I still have eye strains and symptoms, but I can do much more and my symptoms don’t last as long.

Thank you for giving me a foundation to get better. Reading has always been hard for me. I’m excited to keep work at it without having eye tracking problems. Thank you for giving me hope and making things brighter when things were dark and depressing. I feel lucky to have gotten help.”

– Spencer

“The huge improvement that I have noticed is that I have significantly less headaches/migraines. My vision has not affected anything else that I know of right now.”

– Monay

I’m so grateful for Child & Family Eyecare Center! When I started working with them, I had so many residual symptoms from post-concussion syndrome. Following their homework plans fixed my eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, etc. My eyes stay focused now, and I can read fine again. Thanks to my improvement here, I am going back to school, driving fine, less startled, and have more mental/emotional stamina. Love their vision therapy and how it has helped me become a functional human being again.”

– Sasha