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Lazy Eye Success Stories

As an adult who has struggled with strabismus since childhood, I felt like my condition would be my life-long insecurity. When my daughter was born with the same condition, I quickly needed to figure out how I could help her avoid the emotional challenges that I have experienced. When I learned that adults could also benefit from vision therapy, I swallowed my pride and decided to “tag-Team” with my daughter and try an entirely new approach! It has been an incredible journey!! My experience with vision therapy has not only improved my alignment and ability to start to see some depth. For the first time ever! It has allowed me to heal through and with my daughter. I only wish I would have known about it sooner! ALL of our thanks to Dr. Duvall and his INCREDIBLE staff!

– Andrea


Lyla is a strabismic patient. After graduating from Vision Therapy her eye teaming increased as she helped her eyes work together and depth was attained! “This is the best place ever!”



“We are so grateful for Dr. Duval, Naomi, and eye therapy! Olivia’s eye used to drift off so often. Other doctors had only given us the option of eye surgery when she gets older. We are so grateful that we discovered this office and eye therapy instead!

It used to take Olivia extra time to focus on things, especially when she was shifting near-to-far or far-to-near, because one eye was doing most of the work. But she has made so much progress in getting her eyes to work together!!

Naomi is such a good therapist and has been exceptionally patient, intuitive, positive, and flexible with Olivia. Olivia is only six, so some of the therapy tasks were pretty difficult for her, but Naomi adjusted so well to keep Olivia motivated. Thank you [New Sight Vision Therapy Clinic] for giving us such an effective alternative to surgery!”

-Natalie, Olivia’s mom

“I’m not a child, in fact I’m almost 40 years old. I have always had a lazy eye and I’ve been to the doctor for it and worn an eye patch for most of my life. So I started these eye exercises and I am happy to report that my lazy eye has gotten a ton better! My eye still has a lot to heal, but it’s been one month and my eyes are noticeably better. My family and friends have noticed. I am so grateful for Dr. Duval and his staff!”

– Livia