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Light Sensitivity Success Stories

“After my accident my vision was blurry and my mind was fuzzy. I was light sensitive and my eyes would tire and strain easily. After about 4 months of vision therapy my vision has improved. Focusing, reading, and processing have all become easier making daily activities more enjoyable. Thank you!”


“When I got my second concussion I went to the school physical trainer. They kept telling me to rest nd it would go away, But I kept falling behind in school and I was not getting better. So eventually they sent me here. Before I would feel super dizzy and unbalanced after a normal days work. I used to have daily headaches and hated going places. My eyes were really light sensitive and would hurt. I was also forgetting things and losing my concentration. After going through Vision therapy I have seen a big difference with all these things. My headaches have gone away and no longer bothered by lights or busy places, thank you!”

– Trevor

“I used to struggle with daily headaches and strong light sensitivity due to my concussion. I couldn’t remember things and was always tired and drained. Therapy has made my life easier and so much better!”

– Tabitha

“My son was experiencing light sensitivity and headaches daily. After witnessing major improvements in my younger son’s vision due to vision therapy, we wanted to see how Dr. Duval could help the headaches and light sensitivity. And we did! He no longer gets headaches and can walk outside without squinting or watery eyes. His light sensitivity has improved so much!”

– Angie

“After vision therapy, I could better recognize when my left eye was trying to check out, and I had the understanding to get it working with my right eye. I had significant improvement in focus and tracking while reading and writing. My eye strain headaches became less frequent and sometimes don’t occur. If I begin to have an eye stain headache, I’m able to recognize what I’m doing and relax my eyes. My sensitivity to light, especially artificial light, has decreased and I don’t notice a problem with the way my eyes handle light anymore. My peripheral vision has improved, which has helped with coordination and comfort in busy settings.”

– Celesta

“Kyle is a busy teenage athlete. He suffered three minor concussions in one year. We saw our pediatrician, chiropractor, and sport medicine doctor. We followed their recommendations to help Kyle regain health. Months later Kyle was struggling in school, experiencing headaches and light sensitivity.

With the help of Dr. Duvall, we discovered that Kyle had high pressure and over focused his eyes. I had no idea that this was from his minor concussions.

Vision therapy was prescribed. With the doctor and therapists’ help, Kyle has been able to retain his eyes. He no long has headaches and light sensitivity. I wish someone had told me about vision therapy sooner so that Kyle could have felt better earlier.”

– Kyle’s Mom