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Neuro Optometry

Child & Family EyeCare Center is proud to offer testing and treatment for patients who have experienced concussions, Traumatic Brain Injuries, strokes, and other neurological injuries that affect vision.

After a brain injury, patients often experience visual symptoms such as visual fatigue, light sensitivity, dizziness, double vision, visual overwhelm difficulty reading, and lack of depth perception. These are just a few of the symptoms that can make living with the after affects of a brain injury difficult. Find more on our symptom survey at the link above!

Vision therapy or vision rehabilitation, as well as Optometric Phototherapy, can be used to help patients re-learn the visual skills that are often lost after a head injury. This helps to relieve and sometimes eliminate symptoms. The goal of vision rehabilitation is to help the brain relearn how to properly use the eyes. This includes eye movement, focusing, and pointing among other things.

Our vision rehabilitation program is customized to each individual. Every brain injury is vastly different, so our therapists choose a specific set of activities and modifications to help each person’s brain learn what to do. We strive each visit to give our patients the necessary, meaningful experience to get your brain working again. These plans most often include once or twice a week visits to the clinic, along with at-home exercises.

Fill out our symptom survey at the link below to find our if you may be a candidate for vision rehabilitation and don’t hesitate to contact us today with questions at 801-800-8508.

Sympton Survey