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Skipping Lines and Letters Success Stories

Before I came in for treatment reading was exceedingly difficult; lines would jump up and down and small print would move back and forth. Reading would also give me awfully bad migraines. After coming in and doing the exercises that were given to me, reading is finally enjoyable. Lines don’t jump around, and words are easier to read and don’t move around. I’m glad that I am finally able to read when before it was almost impossible.

– Justin

My son started vision therapy several months ago when it became apparent to me while reading with him that he was seeing something different on the page than I was. He is a bright and happy boy, but reading was a struggle. After the first couple months of therapy, I started noticing him reading words! I sat down with him and he read an entire beginning reader for the first time. Since then his reading has continued to improve, but the improvements haven’t stopped there. He no longer has headaches and motion sickness. He has so much more confidence!

– Carly

Tracking was very difficult for me when I started Vision Therapy. As a result, reading or scanning a page took a long time and I always felt like I was missing information. I’ve noticed a difference with therapy. I can read quicky and I know I am seeing the correct words on the page. This has been a boost in reading confidence and speed!

– Ben


“Vision therapy was mostly fun. It helped me a lot with reading and not skipping lines when I read. It was pretty easy most of the way and everything is working a lot better.”

– Audrey